Boxes Include:

Colouring Book & Pencils

2 Vanilla Cupcakes

2 Christmas Tree Brownies

2 Cookies

2 Rudolph Hot Chocolate Cones

Shortbread Biscuits

Reindeer Food

& More


Boxes may vary from the image shown




Available to order for collection & delivery throughout December.


Christmas collections will be December 23rd between 3pm & 5pm and December 24th between 1030am & 12pm.

Christmas Delivery will be December 23rd between 12pm & 3pm.


Please fill in the collection/delivery info below. 

Delivery is £2 please add delivery at checkout.


Please give atleast 4 days notice.


Large Kids Christmas Eve Box

  • When carrying please hold the cake box by the base.

    Please keep cake cool & out of direct sunlight, fridge is best. Take out 1-2 hours before serving to bring to room temperature. 

    When collecting please drive with the cake in the footwell or flat in the boot.